house cleaning central maine
housekeeping central maine

Detailed Home Cleaning

Who is Handy Ma'am Housekeeping?
Handy Ma'am Housekeeping Services is a locally owned company doing business only in Maine. Our "Clean Team" managers have over 25 years experience in home cleaning. We are dedicated to achieving and providing you with the highest quality residential cleaning and housekeeping services available.

Is there a difference between cleaning and housekeeping?
Yes. Cleaning is the work activity necessary to achieve and maintain the desired appearance in your home. This includes vacuuming, dusting, polishing, washing floors, etc. Housekeeping is the other chores required to keep your household running smoothly. Examples are ironing, making beds, doing dishes and laundry, running errands and even more. Your Clean Team will do it all!

Who will clean my home?
Every Clean Team member is selected, screened and trained by us. Clean Team members work exclusively for Handy Ma'am Housekeeping, they are NOT subcontractors. Each is bonded and insured, for your protection and peace of mind. We provide workers compensation insurance and pay all federal and state taxes for our employees assuring you of full tax compliance.

How many people clean my house?
A minimum of two Clean Team members will be at your home during cleaning, unless special arrangements are made. This team approach provides; increased security for you and your Clean Team, maximizes productivity for on time completion of work, and establishes a superior check and verification process assuring a job well done.

Do I have to be at home when cleaning or housekeeping is done?
No. Knowing you have a busy schedule it is not necessary for you to be home. In fact most of our clients prefer to have cleaning done when they are at work or away from the home. Arrangements can be made to supply us with a key for access which will be coded and locked safely away if you choose.

What if I have a special cleaning or housekeeping need?
We will do our very best to meet your special requirements. A qualified customer service representative is available during general office hours to assist you in these matters. You can also leave any special instructions for your Clean Team on a Special Instructions Form provided for you.

What do I supply?
Nothing. All cleaning material and equipment is supplied by Handy Ma'am Housekeeping Services, and brought to your home by your Clean Team. If you have a favorite cleaning product that you wish to provide, we will be happy to use it.

Can I count on you being on time?
We pride ourselves in being on time. We do give our Clean Teams a 30 minute window to guard against unforeseen difficulties. You will be advised immediately of any changes necessary in your scheduled appointment time.

Is a contract required?
No. Handy Ma'am Housekeeping Services will work hard to make all customers long term customers. We feel the high quality of service and our reliability along with your satisfaction will provide us with all we need for an ongoing relationship without a contract. If you decide to use us on a regular basis, we will schedule your home visits in advance to assure continuity of service. If you wish to reschedule or cancel a visit, simply call the office 24 hours before your scheduled appointment.

What is the cost?
We are not the lowest priced or the most expensive. There are several possibilities and programs available. Weekly, bi-weekly, seasonally, special occasion, and new construction. When your cleaning requirements and a required time is established, we will be able to determine your cost. We believe that, based on what we do and how we do it, we offer real value.

How do I pay?
Payment is due at the time of cleaning. You may leave a check or cash for your Clean Team if you will not be at home, or pay by credit card with prior arrangements.

Is the work guaranteed?
You can count on us to maintain our high quality for every cleaning. If for some reason you have a question or problem with anything, call the office immediately. We will take care of whatever is in question ASAP. Your satisfaction is guaranteed.

Do you only clean houses?
Although we specialize in residential cleaning, we also provide cleaning services for office and commercial accounts who are interested in having more detailed cleaning than is generally provided by janitorial services.

What is your service area?
For a map of our service area, including a complete list of towns,
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